by Elizabeth Childs.  

Hi Everyone,

I hope this note finds you having a great day and a wonderful August! 

Many thanks for all of your good work getting A3, the Briefing Note, submitted. I am looking forward to digging into them over the next few days and getting you my comments and feedback so that you can consider it and incorporate it into your final Assignment which is due August 25th.

As part of the scaffolding to support the final deliverable for this course (A1 Part 2), is Unit 5, Activity 1. This activity invites you to reflect on your digital identify and digital presence plan that you created early in our Residency. The Unit 5, Activity puts forward some prompts for you to consider as you reflect on, and then respond to  as well as share any other reflections that you have pertaining to your plan regarding your online participation. You are asked to respond by creating a short (2 – 4 min) audio or video which you can share this publicly or you can share privately (e.g., youtube allows one to create unlisted videos that are only viewed by those that a link is provided to, or you can use the Activity 5.1 Forum on Moodle).

I also wanted to pass along some general feedback and tips that I gave the fully online group based on my review of their Assignment 3 - Briefing Notes that you may find helpful as you head into writing, editing, polishing and revising your final deliverable for Assignment 1. There is an audio file as well as a series of links to writing resources on this padlet Please remember this was created for the online folks so the dates mentioned in the recording will not be accurate for you - yours are in the Schedule.

One important thing  to remember is to watch that there is a balance in your document between peer-reviewed research journal articles (highly weighted); grey literature, reports, personal communications. If you write your entire document supported by personal communication that the reader is not able to validate, it is a much weaker document then if it is supported by a mix of literature with most of the support coming from peer reviewed journal articles.

The Writing Centre at RRU has some great resources on this including

·      Reading at the Graduate Level

And, lastly because it is timely, here is a good resource from them on Editing and Revision strategies

Okay I think that is it for now. Have a great day, a fabulous week and happy writing! 

Enjoy the reflective experience and we will speak soon.