Unit 4 | Impact of Digital Learning Environments, Networks, Communities


In Unit 4, you will explore the impact that digital learning environments, networks, and communities have had on society. We will examine several case studies to analyze whether and how digital learning may and may not be changing society and its institutions. Specifically, we will discuss in what ways technology and the organizational structures that it engenders/supports (e.g., communities, networks) impacts learning, teaching, and education. As part of our Residency activities, we will examine whether digital learning addresses societal problems such as poverty, racism, distribution of wealth, access to opportunity, and equal rights; and if so, in what ways and to what end. Through the Residency activities and Unit readings, we will review the trends in digital learning environments and explore what educational opportunities may look like in 2040 and discuss how this impacts how we create digital learning environments, networks and communities. The activities in Unit 4 and their associated readings will be discussed and completed during our Residency session.

Learning Activities and Assignments

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Activity 1

Complete Assignment 3. Time will be provided during the Residency to discuss and work on this assignment.


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