Welcome to LRNT521 – Digital Learning Environments, Networks, Communities

In this course, you will be introduced to ways that digital learning is organized, and specifically, you will examine learning groups, networks, and communities. Throughout the course, you will create, curate, and reflect upon your digital presence and identity. In addition, you will improve your ability to find and synthesize information and convey it effectively to a variety of audiences. Through a series of activities, case studies and discussions, you will examine digital identity and presence; social forms of learning and organizational structures for digital learning; and, the impact of digital learning environments on society.

You will learn through highly interactive, individually reflective, and focused applied activities and assignments, focused on participating in and exploring the implications of digital networks and communities.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create a digital presence and cultivate a digital identity
  2. Identify various organizational features of digital learning environments
  3. Critically argue the implications of participating in learning networks and learning communities
  4. Identify the impact of networks and communities on cultures, organizations and society

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