by Russ Wilde.  

Afternoon All - 

I can across an article over the weekend that I thought you might find interesting. It provides a brief retrospective on the important of network theory over the past 25 years and is directly related to some of the concepts we have covered regarding learning networks. See Mathematical model that ‘changed everything’ turns 25 | Cornell Chronicle

One quote that caught my eye:

The main finding in the paper was that a large network could be made small very quickly with just a few random connections, or connections beyond those that are nearby or clustered. A disease might spread in a small community, but one or two people bringing it outside that community will have an outsized impact on the spread of the disease. Information can travel much more quickly and efficiently in the brain – or on the internet – with the introduction of a small number of connections outside a cluster of neurons or nodes.

Hayes, C. (2023). Mathematical model that ‘changed everything’ turns 25. Cornell Chronicle. Retrieved June 5, 2023, from