by Elizabeth Childs.  

Hello Everyone,

I hope this note finds you having a great start to the week! Breathing a sigh of relief that there is no writing on the horizon I'll bet ;) This is an message on the longer side of short (smile) but one of the key points is that you can rest assured that you have nothing to upload for the contribution to the learning community assignment. As a result, you can officially count yourself as having completed LRNT 521 - well done!   

I also wanted to flag for you that you should have received an email or an invitation to complete a survey about this course. It would have come at the beginning of the course as it is open the duration of the course so you can go in and provide feedback in the moment. You will also receive a reminder to provide your course feedback. I would strongly encourage you to do so as this course and program improves and iterates based on feedback from you! We really look forward to hearing what you have to say about the course, and we thank you for making the time to provide it.

In terms of the assignment Contribution to Learning Community, in Moodle it will show that it is still outstanding but rest assured, there is nothing to submit, as it is an ongoing piece for this course. What I will be doing now is looking at all your evidence of contribution. To do so, I will go looking at your blogs and your comments on others blogs as well as the other activities you have done throughout the course. For example, all of this lovely work that you have done reflecting on your digital identity digital presence plan that many of you have put into Moodle or your blog site is one of the pieces that I will be looking at. I will be reviewing all of your contributions and making an assessment of your contribution to this course according to the SET contribution rubric. So, if Moodle does keep reminding you that you have an assignment due, I just wanted you to know that you are fine on this one – there is nothing required from your end (smile).

In terms of feedback, I will send a little message out to everyone through the course site letting you know when the assignments are graded and have been uploaded to Moodle. You should also receive notification in Moodle as well. As I mentioned in the program overview (which probably seems like ages ago now ;), the official course grades will not be in your MyAdmin until 15 – 20 days after the course is completed.

One thing to contemplate as you continue to evolve your digital presence and digital identity; there may be pieces of your assignment that you choose to put on your blog, and so I thought I would just put this forward as a gentle reminder that your blogs are public sites. As such, we ask that if you are putting something up there that evidences your work and your learning you will need to have consent to do so. So, for example, if it is your assignment, you can make that personal choice to post it publicly on your blog. However, if it is the feedback that you want to share you will need to talk the person who provided the feedback (instructor; peer etc.) to confirm that you have their consent to do so. We generally find that while a few people may choose to share their assignments on their blogs and keep it a bit like an e-portfolio, many instead choose to use it as an opportunity to reflect on the process of doing the assignment or the process of reconsidering it after the feedback was provided as opposed to talking about or showcasing the assignment directly. Some others do not mention it or showcase an assignment at all. As you move forward in the program your blog will be used for activities and assignments in different ways by each instructor so I wanted to raise this for you now just as a point to consider as you continue to evolve your digital presence and digital identity.

Okay, I think that might be everything at this point. I am thoroughly enjoying the reading of your briefing notes (Assignment Three) now and when they are done I will dive into your Assignment One’s and your contribution to the learning community pieces. So, with that said, I will put my head down and you will see the feedback by the end of the month ;). 

It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you a little bit; to work with you, and learn from you. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a note. In the meantime, enjoy your much needed week-long break before LRNT 522 begins and my very best wishes for you on your MALAT or DipLAT journey!

Have a great week and we will speak soon.