by Elizabeth Childs.  

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! I hope this note finds you having a great day and looking forward to a productive and calm weekend. Thank you for your good work this week on Unit 5 Activity 1 for those of you who have had the opportunity to complete it. There are some wonderful reflections posted on your blogs.

Unit 5 Activity 1 asks you to reflect on your plan to cultivate your digital presence and identity made in Unit 1 and respond in audio or video and share the link publicly or privately. If you chose privately, the Moodle forum Unit 5 Activity 1 is the place to put it. As I mentioned in my moving on message earlier this week, this activity is great way to hone in on the various decisions you have made and reasons for those decisions which you then can use as you review your Assignment 1 submission to ensure you have included the key decision points there. To that end, I encourage you to take a moment to look at a few as a way to help you consider other possible perspectives you may want to consider as you think of your final assignment.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention a few items that you may wish to include in your editing checklist as you head into your final weekend of writing/editing/revising your final assignment for our course.

First of all, I am thoroughly enjoying reading and providing feedback on your briefing note assignment. The issues tackled and the resources brought to bear on them have resulted in some key recommendations that will be useful as your move this work forward in your context which I hope that many of you are able to do.

The moving on message earlier this week (also on our course blog) provided you with some resources around academic paragraphing and creating a detailed outline for assignments. In addition, the RRU APA Help Guide  (APA 7th edition) will be very useful throughout your program as well the other resources below:

·       WriteAnswers, which is a searchable knowledge base of FAQs with extensive APA Style items.   

·       Writing Tips, which has numerous articles focused on APA Style topics.

·       APAstyle blog

Two other pieces that will be worth spending some time based on what I am seeing in our Assignment Three submissions are:

1.     reviewing your paper against are the resources on academic paragraphing –specifically, transitions and transition sentences so that the reader can following the flow in your thinking and how you are analyzing and synthesizing the information you have presented.

a.     Academic paragraph and the Oreo cookie model.

b.     Building persuasive arguments

2.     appropriately using quotations and paraphrases to support your claims – specifically, helping the reader understand why you have chosen the quotation or paraphrase you have to support your point(s) and what you would expect them to take away from it (i.e. connect it for them to your key point(s)).

a.     Paraphrasing

As I highlighted in my feedback to you on your debate assignment, ten working days is allocated for instructors in order for them to be able to provide relevant feedback to you on any major assignment. Given that in this course design, two individual assignments come close to the end of the course, the note above and the one earlier this week are offered as a way to help you determine where to focus your attention in the edit and revision cycle for your final assignment. I do hope you find them helpful and as always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Enjoy the writing process and I look forward to receiving your final assignment on Sunday June 14th.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. Be well!