by Elizabeth Childs.  

Hi Everyone!  I hope that this note finds you having a great start to your week! 

Many thanks for all of your briefing notes (Assignment 3). I am working my way through them and will get you back my comments and feedback as soon as possible.

This week Unit 5 Activity 1 invites you to take time to look back at where we have been over these 9 weeks and reflect on our digital identity and presence decisions as they have evolved "in the moment".  This is great way to hone in on the various decisions you have made and reasons for those decisions which you then can use as you review your Assignment 1 submission to ensure you have included the key decision points there. 

In addition to Unit 5 Activity 1, you are also working on Assignment 1 due on June 16th It is a synthesis of all of your good work and thinking over the duration of this course. Taking time to review the Embedded Writing Centre resources in our Moodle companion shell will be so helpful as you write and edit your final assignment – specifically how to write academic paragraphs. Many of you may also find the Writing Centre PowerPoint template for creating a detailed outline to be useful as well as you plan this work.

In Assignment 1 you are critically reflecting on your digital identify and digital presence plan and what you have conceptualized, created and begun to cultivate over this course. You are looking back and reflecting on your blog, the various activities you have done as part of the course and how they have influenced your thinking, the digital identity, digital presence plan you created and all of those little decisions you made along the way. For example, have you deviated from your initial plan? Why/why not? Why did you make the choices you did etc. The assignment description offers other question prompts for you to consider and you may also have some of your own. When you are exploring them you are reading and critically examining your work so you want to have backing for the points you are making. That may come form some of the articles you have read throughout the course, other articles you have read or your blog posts. There is an expectation that you will have literature to support your key points.

Another thing to consider is to really pay attention to the transitions (see the quoting and paraphrasing library guide). Often when we start writing, we know what we want to say but may not have written it from the standpoint of someone who is new to the ideas or to the connections we are making between ideas. In your work you will be making lots of good connections between what you have read, your reflections, and your experience. What you want to ensure in your writing is that you are unpacking all of these for the reader so they can see and follow the logic in your thinking, they can understand how you got to your main points, and they can see the evidence you are drawing upon to back up the claims you are making.

Alright, that's enough from my end! I will let you get back to your writing ;)

Have a great week and we will speak soon.