by Elizabeth Childs.  

Hi Everyone,                                

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have had a good start to the week and are looking forward to a productive week ahead! In anticipation that some of you may been meeting with your teams to prepare for Assignment 2 – the debate, I thought I would send along a few tips and resources from previous students in case they are helpful in your plotting and planning.

As outlined in our course Schedule, the debate starts with the initial arguments being posted May 14th and runs through till May 23rd.

In terms of your tasks leading up to the debate, they are to:

1. complete the Unit 3 readings so you are prepared to for the debate

2. meet with your team (more than once) to prepare for the debate according to what group you are assigned - you can find your teams in Moodle under My Teams. There are some great resources here from our team coach that you might find useful as you get moving in your teams. Working Effectively in Teams and the associated resources shared [1) Build Teams Right – Preparation; 2) Ten Suggested Steps to Develop a Team Charter; and 3) What to include in a Team Charter;  and View this feedback video from MindTools, which discusses key tips on how to give feedback to your team members.


3. continue to work in your team as you prepare for the debate posting associated with your team. The Judgment team should be meeting to work on what rubric that they will be using to determine their judgment and will share that by May 12 in the Ask the Instructor Forum.

4. don't forget to review the debate assignment description here so you are clear on what is being asked of you and how you will be assessed. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the page ;)

5. have fun. 

Just a reminder, if you have any questions that you feel the class may benefit from reading/seeing the response please don't hesitate to put them in the Ask the Instructor Forum If you would like to discuss the readings for this week we can do so on the course site under Unit 3 comments (scroll to the bottom on the page.

I think that is everything for now from my end. I will send out a message launching us into the debate on May 14th. Until then, have a lovely week and we will speak soon!  Be well.

Ciao, Elizabeth