by Russ Wilde.  

Good Morning All - 

I've been watching the video reflections that are being posted as we wrap-up the course. I always enjoy hearing participants thoughts as we go through the process of "sense making" that comes with the conclusion of any new experience. Thanks so much for your efforts and genuine engagement.

One thought that has occurred to me is that when you are writing your Assignment 1 - Part 2: Reflect on your Digital Presence paper, it is important to remember that it is OK for this to be a truly personal reflection on your experience. In other words, there are no "right or wrong" answers as you work through how your learning and especially experience in creating your blog has impacted your views on issues like openness versus privacy, personal versus professional, etc. What is important is that you critically reflect on the experience and the ways that your initial ideas and views have changed or perhaps been reinforced. Be sure to read the Assignment 1-2 instructions carefully for guidance on the kinds of issues you may wish to explore. If you encounter challenges in getting started, the Reflective Writing resources offered by Wilfred Laurier University offer some wonderful guidance on this process.

As always, please let me know should you have questions or run into challenges.