by Deborah Zornes.  

There havE been some questions with regard to how to structure part 1 of the assignment as it doesn’t clearly line up with the rubric. Here is s copy of the response I provided earlier today that might’ve useful to all of you. 

I would use the description - specifically the core elements of the theory, how it informs the design of learning, key perspectives the author(s) share and ensure paragraphs are structured for academic writing. When I review your essay and provide the assessment as per the rubric, if you’ve provided the core elements of the theory, that is one way that demonstrates the importance of research; how the theory informs learning design relates to to the relevance to learning and technology, etc. In looking at this I would agree that it’s not as clear as it could be. I will post this to all students in case others are also noting concerns. Once the course is done and Elizabeth and I debrief I’ll bring this forward and see how we might adjust the rubric going forward. Thank you for bringing this up; we rely very much on the student feedback and I appreciate it.