Unit 3 | Critical analysis of research literature


In Unit 3, you will focus on developing your ability to critically assess and analyse research. In this unit, we will discuss techniques for abstract skimming, assessing references listed in the literature you will be reviewing, techniques for analysing grey literature, and how to identify key pieces of an academic article. In addition, you will engage in discussions regarding ethics, integrity, validity, reliability and the features that impact the quality of research.

Learning Activities and Assignments

  • Complete required readings and view any required videos; and review PowerPoint
  • Review and analyze scholarly and popular literature on topics determined by your instructor.
  • Complete Padlet: ethics , research integrity, validity, realiability
  • Complete Padlet reflection
  • Complete and submit Assignment 3.

Unit 3  Activity 1 | Padlet – Ethics, Research Quality

Using the Unit 3 Activity 1 Padlet, please post a comment (maximum 100 words) regarding a key learning for you about research ethics or research quality (relevance; credibility and reliability; integrity and legitimacy; and effectiveness). Please also identify a link to a resource that supports that learning. Please review at least five of your colleagues’ posts and reply to at least two. Please remember to include your name in your padlet posts.

Unit 3  Activity 2 | Padlet Reflection

Post a photo using the Unit 3 Activity 2 Padlet that speaks to how you feel about your experience with research and academic writing. Add a description of why you chose the photo you did (100-150 words). How has this changed from the photo you posted in the first week? Please remember to include your name in your padlet posts.

Assignment 3

Complete and submit Assignment 3.