LRNT 522

Welcome to LRNT522 – Introduction to Research: Critical Reading and Writing

Welcome to LRNT 522

In this course, you will be introduced to key elements of scholarly research to improve your own applied social science research, including the perspectives of researchers as both consumers and producers. Throughout the course, you will develop skills in reading and critically assessing various forms of research; in addition, you will improve your ability to find and synthesize research information. Through a series of discussions, you will examine research questions, research ethics, the difference between qualitative and quantitative methods, primary and secondary research, and a variety of theoretical frameworks relevant to learning and technology.

You will engage in your learning through highly interactive, individually reflective, and applied activities and assignments that focused on developing your critical thinking and academic writing. Activities and assignments include a combination of small/large group discussion, individual reading and writing, and team-based exercises.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describes the meaning and importance of research
  2. Develops arguments backed with evidence
  3. Explains different forms of research inquiry and their applicability and use
  4. Critically analyzes various forms of research and writing

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