by Loni Davis.  

Hi Everyone,

Please find a link to a recorded session made by Clint Lalonde on the topic of Open Resources, and Creative Commons licensing of work which I would like you to review and then make a blog post sharing something of interest that you learned.  (Just as you did with George Veletsianos' session on research).  Both blog posts are due on July 23rd along with your last padlet post reflecting on your overall learning.  This recording seems like a fitting last assignment because you will meet "Clint" who is also an Associate Faculty in this Program as you move forward. 

Note that while Clint doesn't address conventional Canadian copyright much here in this recording, if you are interested in learning more about this please see

Link to Recorded Session

(0:00 - 58:20)
*please note we had some technical issues happen during this session so the video and audio may be slightly out of synch.