by Loni Davis.  

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Vanessa for bringing something to my attention: The reading sources that are listed in the description of  Assignment 3 under Learning Theory and Resesarch Articles (Wordpress) should match the Reading and Resources List  for Unit 3 under Learning Theory and Research Articles (Moodle), the latter of which is the correct one.  I am in

the process of getting this fixed. 

Also, while I know that you are all in the process of completing Assigment 2, if you find that you have some extra band width and want to get started selecting and reading your articles for Assignment 3, I have set up a Google Sheet so you can let me know which articles you have chosen. Please just  put your first name next to the Theory Article and next to the Research Article you have selected.  Why do I do this? -so that you get started with selecting your articles and reading them and not leave this until the last minute.  You will need to read your articles several times in the process of writing up your essays and I want you to give yourself plenty of time.  This also gives me an idea of which articles are being selected. Most importantly, it lets you each know who is working on what in case you want to get together with another student to discuss a common article you are working on.