by Loni Davis.  

HI Everyone,

I know you are all busy working on your Unit 3 essays so I'll just mention a few items:

1) I thought your Padlet posts and comments on research ethics were excellent.  It seemed to me that you found the TCPS turtorial material very informative and worthwhile.  Research ethics is a huge and important topic and your comments showed me you got a sense of that.  I believe the importance of this topic will only grow in the future.  (Just a note that if you haven't been able to post and comment, please just move on as this was due last night and I don't review late posts/comments as it defeats the purpose of having some parameters around a class-wide online discussion)

2) Please upload your certificate for completing the TPMS course by the end of today.

3) I will have office hours this coming Wed. as scheduled.  I would like to reserve some time for you to ask questions about any particular parts of your two essays that you may be wanting to bring up. While I can't review a whole essay or an outline,  I can certainly address specific elements you may be pondering or struggling with. Also, just sharing some areas you are finding challenging, is bound to help our whole learning community.