by Loni Davis.  

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the final week of Unit 2.  I'm looking forward to seeing your work for Assignment Two. Just note that I usually give all of you the chance to comment on each others' prsentations in the forum before I do.  In the meantime, I will be reviewig and marking your submissions for the annotated bibliography. A few other items this week...

1) For those of you who will be attending the research session with George Veletsianos on Wed. at 11:00am, the link to the session is here.  I will provide a link for the rest of the class to the recording for reviewing and making a post soon after the presentation.

2) This week I will hold office hours on Wed. at 5:00.  I will be reviewing quality, ethics, and dissemination of research as well as any questions that are starting to come up about Assignment 3. 

3) Please remember to submit your peer and self assessment for Assignment Two. (note that you need to save the file once you have filled it in before sending.  I've had a few blanks in the past!)

4) Please do review the schedule of upcoming activities for Unit 3 so you can plan your time to complete them.

Thanks! Loni