by George Veletsianos.  

Hi everyone,

If you imported the LRNT 523 Posts OPML File into your feedly, you may have noticed that you were seeing some student posts imported multiple times, and nearly all of them marked as "instructor posts." My own instructor posts were also not showing up (see screenshot below)

IMage showing posts tagged with lrnt523

I found this confusing, and asked the Center of Teaching and Educational Technology to look into it. They discovered an error and updated the OPML file for our course site, and it now works properly. To fix this error on your end, you will have to deleted the LRNT 523 category in feedly and re-import the new OPML file to refresh the feed. The new file is at LRNT 523 Posts OPML File

 Once you do that, your new feed should look like this, with no new duplicates and multiple instructor posts. It shoudl look like the image below. I created this shott video to help you with deleting (and importing) a feed: