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Speculative futures in health care and higher education

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. That was only a little over 3.5 years ago. Yet when one considers all of the technological, social, and personal upheaval that has occurred since the pandemic was decl…

A Speculative Future: AI in Language Education

The year is 2030; Chloé, a Quebec university student with a background in tourism and history, struggles to learn English. Quebec has successfully reduced the amount of English spoken or taught in the province. Chloé, who is fluent in French, wants to have opportunities outside of Quebec but is struggling to find an English class, […]

Speculative Futures Essay

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K12 education in the year 2030 Matt Poole Royal Roads University LRNT523 Foundations of Learning and Technologies Dr. Elizabeth Childs October 29, 2023 K12 education in the year 2030 Education raises peoples’ productivity, income, gives them more control over their lives, health, and benefits all of society (World Bank, 2018).  The unforeseen Coronavirus pandemic accelerated […]

25 Years of Tech – Reflect on Reading – 2005

Given my background in IT, I always find it intriguing to explore fresh perspectives on the ever-changing landscape of educational technology. Having delved more into the chapter of 25 years of Tech from Weller’s perspective one theme that particularly piqued my interest was the role of videos in education. The potential of video-based learning resonated […]

25 Years of Tech – Reflect on Reading – Ch 1-8

It is very interesting to see where Weller’s opinion starts on the beginning of his view of 25 years in tech. In the first eight chapters of “25 Years of Ed Tech” by Martin Weller, it takes a historical look at the evolution of educational technology. His perspective is unique to the fact of what […]