by George Veletsianos.  

Hi everyone,

There's been very many good posts this week in response to my prompt to think about Martin's writing and to apply it to your own context. The conversations spanned many topics, from the dark side of social media mentioned by many of you, to Shelley's note about VR in the context of the pandemic, to questioning and perhaps celebrating "failure" applied in the context of LRNT 523.

It's important to highlight that many of these conversations recognize that pedagogy is an integral part of our conversation, and point to how particular pedagogies often shape how we use new technologies. We'll be touching upon this in unit 2 in a bit more detail, but for now it may be worth reflecting where you stand: Are you seeing technology as a force that changes education? Or, are you seeing education (pedagogy included) shaping how we use particular technologies? Ash's comment on Sandra's blog for instance, begins with pedagogy as a guide and then considers how technology could support those efforts.

What does this week look like and what are its deliverables?

This week we will be wrapping up our reading of Weller. However, because there's a number of other items due, I avoided asking you to respond to the reading. In chronological order, this week involves the following:

  • Tuesday to Thursday: We are hosting Caitlin Keennan, a RRU librarian, who will join this Moodle forum to post resources and answer any questions you may have. You can post questions in response to resources shared, or any questions you may have that may be helpful to you for assignments 2 or 3.
  • Friday at 9am pacific or Saturday at 11am pacific: Activity 4, meaning, a real-time conversation about the book. See the activity page for more details. I will send a separate email with details about this meeting, so that the meeting URL isn't publicly available. See the activity description for more details.
  • Sunday. Assignment 1 is due. If you do have questions for the librarian about how to conduct background research on people you would like to write about, feel free to ask those this week (see bullet point above)
I look forward to seeing you on Friday or Saturday!, and as always please reach out to me if I may be of any help!