(3 weeks)

Welcome to our final unit!

In this unit, you will conduct independent and team-based investigations of debates or myths that exist in the field. Given a list of topics, you will conduct a critical examination of the topic, summarize the evidence to provide an informed and well-rounded perspective to the topic, deliver a video roleplaying a debate, and provide a peer-assessment of one of your colleagues’ videos. These activities are part of assignment three. Due to the extensive nature of the assignment, we have one short activity in week 7, with assignment 3 due on the beginning of week 9, and peer-assessments due by the end of week 9. View the unit video below or, if it’s not visible at go to https://youtu.be/lNHnZOrnO6Q



Learning Activities and Assignments

Activity 7 | Individual activity: Myths and hype (Blog)

Consider the following prompts while reading the editorial by Etchells and colleagues in the Guardian: What are the arguments here? Why do you think they putting forward these arguments? Are any of the arguments in conflict with beliefs that you hold? Why do you hold those beliefs? Does this work lead you to re-evaluate your positions? Respond to some of these prompts in a short blog post. Feel free to introduce counter-evidence, but if you do, you need to demonstrate how the counter-evidence that you present stands up to the scrutiny presented by these authors. To give an example: A paper without strong empirical support would not provide sufficient support for an argument contrary to the one presented by Etchells.