by George Veletsianos.  

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed some time with friends and close ones this weekend!

We are starting unit 3 today, and my introductory video for the unit is now available. The unit focuses on futures, in a similar way that unit 1 focuses on histories. There is one activity this week, intended to help you with starting to think about the final assignment. This of this activity as an informal way to begin working on your final assignment. It's intended to be a sort of a stepping stone into your assignment. When you visit the unit page, you'll see that there's a number of readings available. I made a slight change here based on feedback that some of you left on the mid-course feedback form. Instead of reading all papers for the activity, feel free to skim them and pick one or two to read for this week's activity. This should lighten the load a little, but still enable you to begin working on your final assignment by completing activity 6.

Mid-course feedback

In every course I ask for mid-course feedback as an informal check-in to see how things are going, and explore whether there is anything that we can do to improve our shared course experience. This informal survey isn’t meant to replace the final course survey that the university invites you to complete. Rather it’s a way to make any changes to the course in order that it can serve us better. Your feedback was very positive. I am glad you are enjoying the course and are finding value in it. And, thank you for your kind words. You should know that this course isn't static. For instance, because it always takes time to work with others, I've reduced the number of collaborative activities you have to do. I've also designed the last unit in the way described above to scaffold the final assignment better. And... we're still in a pandemic, so it's important to me to be flexible to what your needs are, especially with September/October being a busy time for many of us!

Having said that, a couple of you noted that you appreciated the synchronous session and a couple of others reflected that being more social with the cohort may be something that you could individually do to make your experience better. To address this, I would be happy to add a real-time session. This will be optional and I can record it for asynchronous viewing. 

Let's do that on Wednesday October 20th at 2pm pacific. You will have completed activity #6 by then and would have started thinking about the final. We'll use the opportunity to check-in, discus assignment #3, and explore some topics related to the future of education. I'll send a zoom link and a reminder closer to the date, but if you're available please add this time and day to your calendar.

As always if there’s anything you need from me, please don’t hesitate to let me know!