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Final Grades and Feedback

by Lisa Gedak.  

Happy Wednesday,  

We wanted to inform you all that your final assignment (2B), and learner contribution grade has been entered, and you have all successfully completed LRNT 524. We enjoyed reading your design principles, and in many cases, these principles are well constructed and can help inform your future work in a practical way; for some others, we have provided suggestions you might consider to strengthen how they are articulated and to ensure they are aspirational which will increase their efficacy in guiding your practice. Note that if we agreed with your learner contribution self-assessment, only a grade was provided, and no feedback has been given, so you may or may not have feedback in Moodle for this deliverable. That said, we truly enjoyed reading, watching, and listening to your reflections, as there was a diverse sampling of file types and approaches to this final deliverable. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about either of these assignments and their corresponding feedback.  

We wish you well in your future studies in the MALAT program and beyond; please keep in touch! 

Lisa and Leeann  


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