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“Live” Pecha Kucha Session Tomorrow Evening

by Lisa Gedak.  

Hello, all,

We wanted to remind you that our “live” Pecha Kucha showcase Zoom session will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, at 5:30 pm PST. We expect the session to run for approximately one hour.  During the session, there will be an opportunity for those in attendance to provide feedback to each other after each respective presentation recording is screened. We will post the recording and provide a forum thread for those who couldn’t attend to provide feedback to their peers after the session.

We put the team names into a random draw, and based on the result, here is the presentation order:

  1. Marni and Catherine
  2. Tracy and Radhika
  3. Leona and Lara
  4. Matt, Ano, and Asha
  5. Jessica and Andrea

We are happy to play these on your behalf if they have been submitted; however, if you are in attendance, you are free to share your screen/sound and play the recording yourself.  

We look forward to screening these with you tomorrow!

Lisa and Leeann

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