by Leeann Waddington.  

Congratulations on completing week 2! 

Thank you for posting your first blog in this course. Please take time to read each others work, Lisa and I will review and provide feedback around midweek. 

We hope you are enjoying your exploration of the literature on instructional design. We are here, by appointment, if you need to connect with us on your group projects. 

As you consider instructional design on your current or desired future context, what might you need to know from your clients or educators? We see our learning design practice as a relational one, we try help educators make connections between their goals for students and the process, practice and design that will help achieve it. While we like a strength based approach, some people find it’s  easier to consider the challenge they are trying to overcome. This helps you address it through the design process. Planning the consultation is as important as the design. 

Happy exploring, 

Leeann and Lisa