by Lisa Gedak.  

Hello, all,  

We hope you are having a great week and finding interesting and valuable information as you research ID in context with your teams. This announcement is a reminder that we are here to support you if your group has questions as you move through the process and that your peers are a great resource as well; posting a question in the general forum is a great way to generate ideas from others in the cohort about the research and analysis approaches they are taking. Sharing your experiences adds to the collective knowledge of our learning community, and we hope it encourages you to approach your research with enthusiasm and curiosity! 

As we round the corner towards the end of week two, we also wanted to remind you that your first blog in this course is due Sunday, November 19. This blog activity will allow you to share your thoughts on considerations for selecting a design model in your context or desired context. You can learn more about this activity in the Unit One section of the WordPress site.  

We look forward to reading your respective blog posts and providing timely feedback as you consider and critique ID models and develop your knowledge for Assignment 1A 


Lisa & Leeann