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Zoom recording and Feedback forum

by Lisa Gedak.  

Hello, all, 

Tonight, we met for our final Zoom session, where we screened each Team’s Pecha Kucha presentation. We look forward to providing you feedback and grades on Friday for this assignment.  

We appreciated the kind words that some of you shared with us in the chat and on the mic and reciprocally would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you in this learning experience. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions and hard work throughout this course; we know that undergoing a master's degree is no easy task and commend you for leaning in and participating.  

As usual, the Zoom session was recorded, and the recording can be found here on the course site.   

We have additionally provided links to each recording in the feedback forum which has been created for you to provide one another with feedback to consider as you move into your final assignment and develop and share your design principles on your blog.  

That said, we look forward to seeing your design principles and reading your blogs; and we aim to have feedback returned and your final grades entered by early to mid-week next week. Please feel free to reach out in the meantime should you need support or have questions as you work on your final assignment.   

We wish you well as you move along in your learning journey; you are about halfway there! We also warmly welcome any of you to reach out as you embark on future projects or if you just wish to connect. 


Lisa and Leeann 


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