by Lisa Gedak.  

Happy Tuesday,

It was lovely to meet some of you on Zoom last evening, where we chatted about the course structure, this week’s activities, and how to organize and plan for your team assignments. We were grateful that Julia, your team coach and confidant, joined us and provided some key considerations for supporting your team’s success.

Please indicate your team members on this Google doc and the context your team will focus on by Thursday, Nov 9. Don’t hesitate to reach out and book a meeting with us at any time to thought partner about your approach or discoveries. Julia can support your team as you form and traverse your team elements and navigate your assignment process and can be contacted via email at

The Zoom session was recorded, and the recording can be FOUND HERE on our course site.

We look forward to supporting you throughout the course and seeing all the wonderful things you discover!


Lisa and Leeann