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Welcome to LRNT 525 – Leading Change in Digital Learning

HeIn this course, you will explore the implementation of digital learning in organizations. You will examine foundational theories of leadership and change, and assess their validity in the context of a digital learning environment. Building on these theoretical foundations you will explore how successful projects are initiated and managed and how leaders can incorporate data and learning analytics in their decision making. You will then create a planning tool and develop a project plan for the implementation of educational technology(ies) and/or changes to a learning program or organizational policy.

Ethical Review

You may need to inteview or correspond with other professional colleagues to gather information in order to complete some of the activities and assignments in this course. On your behalf, your instructors have applied for and received blanket ethical approval for LRNT 525. This means that you will not have to apply to RRU on an individual basis before conducting your assignment research.

You will need to read and become familiar with the Research Ethics Guidelines for this course. You will also need to fill in the Consent Form and provide it to any external participants in your research assignment.

If you have any questions about the ethical review, please ask the instructors by posting in the general discussion in Moodle. You may also contact the Office of Research Ethics at ethicalreview@royalroads.ca; 250.391.2600 ext. 4425. Further information is available on the RRU Ethics page.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify leadership strategies required to effectively manage digital learning initiatives
  2. Examine change as it relates to people, context and financial resources in the design of digital learning environments
  3. Create an implementation plan for a digital learning initiative that recognizes and responds to the complexity of change

Stay Connected

  • To the class via the general discussion forum in Moodle (use this forum to ask course-related questions of the instructors)
  • To each other via the course blog and your own WordPress blogs
  • #RRUMALAT on twitter.
  • Your teams for this course:
Team A Radhika, Matt, and Tracy
Team B Jessica, Asha, Catherine, Marni
Team C Heather, Andrea, Ano, Lara


For more information about the course and online presence, see the course overview.