by Michelle Harrison.  

Hi everyone,

We have now wrapped up Unit 2! As I start to read your posts for Assignment 1, it is great to see how you are taking models and ideas provided in the literature and are weaving these into your own experiences and contexts.

Moving on to Unit 3

We are now moving into Unit 3 where you will focus on how to plan and implement digital learning tools or a learning program/policy change within an organization. You are asked you to consider data in decision-making, project management models, and how both can frame the planning process. This unit is broken down into three weeks:

  • Data and decision-making (Week 5): Readings to help you think about data, and another shifting perspective activity, which you should wrap up by Sunday.  I will have some data to share with you and will post it in the General Discussion area in a few days.
  • Project management (Week 6): Leading Planning. Some of you may have quite a bit of experience with project management, but for those who may not, there are some links to an OER which provides a good overview. The readings provide a variety of approaches and perspectives on planning. Your activity this week is a blog post.
  • Team project (Weeks 5-7): The culminating task of Unit 3 is the team project and development of a toolkit (Assignment 2). You may want to start planning early. In our session with Julia last week many of you shared that teams are coming together very organically and working well.  If you need any further resources there is a folder in Moodle, and if do want chat with me or one of the team coaches from RRU then just let me know. Week 7 is dedicated time to focus on this project so there are not any new readings.

Enjoy this family day Monday, the last week of February and then on to March and (hopefully) spring! We just had a very large dump of snow – great for those of us who love to ski, but perhaps others are looking forward to some warmer weather smile.