by Michelle Harrison.  

Hi everyone,

Our collaborate session mostly focused on questions about the final project. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • We discussed whether or not a blanket extension or a one-to-one discussion would be best for the final assignment. Many felt that having an extension would be a great help at this time. If you want to get it in by the original deadline that would be great, but if you do need that extra time there will be a week extension. We did talk about the fact that you only have one week as a break, so for some, having everything wrapped up by next Sunday is a great goal. I will extend the due date for the final project to April 5th, but am happy for anyone to submit to the original deadline and get feedback to you before you start your next course.
  • Questions on focus – you can use your own toolkit, another team’s toolkit or a combination (picking the elements that resonate most with your own project). Focus on synthesis of ideas (providing rationale and overall demonstration of meeting the learning outcomes for the course and assignment), rather than filling out the specifics of templates if you need to think about wordcount issues. The main areas of the course are leadership, change, data-informed decision making, and project planning so make sure these aspects are included in some way. Also consider how you will evaluate whether or not your project is successful. Also make sure you indicate who your audience is and your role (which could be fictitious if that makes sense). Perhaps you are preparing a document that would be presented to senior leadership (you might be in the role of project lead), or could be a project plan where you are a member of the team implementing the project. Just make it clear what your role is, and who the intended audience will be.
  • Assignment #3 is worth 35%. I did find an incorrect reference to 25% in the assignment description itself (I have updated it). It was also mentioned that it was referenced as 25% in one spot in Moodle – I could not find this spot, so if someone could send me a screenshot that would be great and I can get it corrected.
  • Collaborate recording link:
  • Sue asked about Referencing for the toolkits. See an example below. Note that we also chatted about not needing to provide a reference every time you use a part of the toolkit – this would likely be excessive and take up a lot of wordcount.

In-text citation:

To develop a project plan for implementing a new open source tool, Mattermost, to help improve open communication within team members at my organization, a design thinking approach based on Team C’s toolkit was developed (Goodes, Helfer, Leung & Moore, 2020).

Reference list: Note this should have a handing indent.

Goodes, J, Helfer, L, Leung, E. & Moore, K.  (2020). Toolkit for Leading the  Implementation of Digital Technologies. Retrieved from:

Have a good week everyone, and I look forward to your final blog posts and reflections.