by Michelle Harrison.  

Hi everyone,

Just a quick hello and check-in. I hope everyone is doing okay and keeping safe in these very uncertain times. I am home and in self-isolation for another 9 days, and have been so lucky to have friends dropping groceries and supplies. I have also been taking the time to catch-up on work and try to get outside to do some gardening.

It is hard to believe this is our last week! I have been working through feedback on your team projects and should have those completed this morning. Some really fantastic work that I think could be so useful to teams planning transitions in work at this point. I really do encourage you to share widely through your networks. The tools, guidelines and resources you have created could be picked up and used in a variety of settings.

This last week you will continue to work on your final projects and on a final reflective blog post. I have had a few questions about contributions to the community in these last few weeks, and want to let you know that as I know many of you have increased or shifted responsibilities that I will be more heavily weighting your earlier contributions in the course as you may not have the time to work as actively in this course at this time.  If you do need more time for your final project or final posts please let me know. I did check-in with Elizabeth and your next course will be starting as scheduled, so I can offer extensions if needed on the final project and other tasks, but also know you will all be starting onto your next course fairly soon after this one wraps up. I am sure a short break is needed!

I will plan a Collaborate session tonight at 5:30 PDT/8:30 EDT if you have questions about the final project or just want to check-in and chat about the course. If you do have the time it will be great to chat then.