by Michelle Harrison.  

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is managing and doing okay with all the recent shifts in work and personal circumstances. I see that some of you have now submitted your team projects and some are still working on submitting to the new deadline (Tuesday, March 17th). As I related earlier, please let me know if you do need more time. The toolkits are looking fantastic, and hoping that you can share them widely as they may be really useful to colleagues who may be planning major initiatives in response to moving online, working remotely or supporting other initiatives as we all start to pivot to the digital. In my home institution the decision was made on Sunday for F2F to move online - though I work for Open Learning and we are mostly online, our teams have been helping put together resources to specifically help faculty with shifting to online, and having conversations on how to support our learners who have final invigilated assessments which they will not likely be able to do F2F. Twitter and social networks have been amazing resources and it is great to see those who support learning technologies coming together to support one another across the whole sector. This course and the work and stories you have shared over the past weeks have been top of mind for me - I have so appreciated getting to hear the different perspectives on leadership and planning you have provided.

Your first task in Unit 4 is to share your team toolkits to the padlet (I noted the link was incorrect and have fixed it) and then explore each others and provide feedback. As you may want to use another team's toolkit as the basis for your own final project, make sure you take the time to explore each other's amazing work.

The majority of the next two weeks will be spent working on your own final project (Assignment 3) and a final reflection on your learning journey in the course (a blog post). It would be great to have one more synchronous meet - perhaps we can try for Sunday evening again at 5:30 as that time did work for quite a few of you. I am traveling home on Wednesday (and so happy to be coming back into the country to start my own self-isolation period) and know many of you will still be working on team assignments into tomorrow. Hoping we can connect then!