by Michelle Harrison.  

Hello everyone,

This past week you have been exploring project planning. I have not yet been able to read all the posts, as many came in last night, but have noted how many of you have made links between the readings and your own processes, identifying gaps such as lack of pre-planning or goal/outcome development, lack of readiness or communication, need for increased stakeholder engagement or data gathering, but also areas of strength where you and your teams experienced success. It was great to see the cases where projects were successful with project leads providing good communication, regular check-ins, clear tasks and roles, managing resources and timelines successfully and building in feedback cycles. In your posts you have also indicated where you might change practice by introducing other aspects of planning such as overcoming barriers to participation, earlier communication and/or evaluation measures to help improve your outcomes. One of the questions I had for many of you was how you determine success – what are the tools or indicators that we can use to help evaluate the project’s impact? This is something you might want to consider when you start planning for your final project.

This week you continue to work on your team assignment (due this coming Sunday, March 12th). Once you have completed your team assignment, the first activity in Unit 4 (week 8) is to share your team toolkit and comment on the toolkits shared by the other teams.

All the best,