by Michelle Harrison.  

Hi everyone,

Just a quick check-in on a Monday morning. No new readings or content! The next two weeks are designed for you to bring together all the different elements you have been thinking about over the course and now apply them to a personal change you are considering for your current organization (or a future one). Specifically for this week you should be focused on getting your final project started if you have not already. Next week you have a final reflective blog post.

Once you have had a chance to take a break after the flurry of work for the team project, your first activity is to head to the padlet and dig into the other team's toolkits - comments/questions can be posted there. I took a quick look at them last night and this morning, and wow! I am always amazed at how they come together and kudos to you all for coming together as teams to produce such relevant and creative approaches to introducing change.

We have our next synchronous session tomorrow night (Tuesday at 5:30 pm PDT) where you will provide a brief overview of your toolkits. We can then talk about your final projects and any questions you might have.

All the best,