by Michelle Harrison.  

Hi everyone,

It is hard to believe we are at the end of the course! Congratulations on this, and your one year anniversary in the MALAT program. I am seeing some of the final reflection posts coming in and have appreciated your thoughtful consideration of your learning journeys. Looking back at your early thoughts on leadership, there seems to be some early consensus that though the values you identified early may not have changed, you may have new insight into different kinds of leadership theories/models and see leadership as a complex set of contexts/characteristics that is constantly evolving. As many organizations are still figuring out what comes next after three years of a pandemic and how to manage the emergence of Generative AI in education, adaptability and flexibility (Jessica and Jess), providing guidance and a vision (Michael), collaboration and inspiration (Michal) and communication and support (Giulia) will continue to be valuable attributes, and the idea that what we might just need from leaders is for them to have “a transformative vision” (Jess S., para 4). Alexandra, Leah, Giulia and Michal all highlighted the role that leadership can play in creating a supportive, cooperative and collaborative working environment, and Jessica emphasized the role that empathy can play in having better success with change. Terry and Jess S. focused on the need for digital literacy development, for our current and future leaders (our students) with Jess emphasizing that leaders need to posses “a deep knowledge of emerging technologies and trends” (para 4.) to be able to anticipate trends and impacts on society.  Michael and Terry highlighted the need to consider data to make evidence-based decisions. There is a focus on people, building relationships (and as Alex highlighted reflecting on them), open communication, and empathy to help create inspiration and motivation. Many of you have commented that you have new perspectives about leadership and change, and that you are already able to take skills and tools you have developed, as well as I hope the very impressive work you completed with your teams, into your practice. 

As you continue to make your final connections with LRNT 525 today, please make sure to post your final summaries, comment on each other’s thoughts, and check for any unpublished pending comments from your cohort members so that I can consider both the posts and comments when assessing class contribution. I will plan to have your final papers marked and returned to you as soon as I can (I hope within a week). Your final grades will take a bit longer as they require program approval.

Thank you for your participation in this course – I have really enjoyed learning with you over the past 9 weeks. I have so appreciated your thoughts and perspectives – I am always amazed how much I take away and learn. Have a nice break from your studies and all the best for the rest of the program!