by Irwin DeVries.  


Thanks to team ScholarsΒ Playing With Simulations for getting the ball rolling with their presentation (and a little bit of prep work) on Monday, 6 PM PDT. The rest follow over the remaining week.

To complete Assignment 1, Part 3 Peer Assessments, you'll need to access the surveys for each team after the presentation is complete. The linkshave been added but are not yet activated, and they will be opened shortly after each presentation. Recordings will be available for those who can't make it. To be fair to everyone, each team's survey will be open for one week, after which it will be closed.

Please read the instructions carefully and in particular note that members of presenting teams do not complete a survey for their own presentation, only for the other three teams.

Finally, take note that the entire presentation is in the hands of the presenting team, from start to finish. I'll only show up as a participant and maybe have some popcorn on hand.