by Irwin DeVries.  

Greetings, I received a question about the outline that's due Monday. First of all, it's ok to take a few more days on it if you need them and are still waiting for more feedback on your individual and/or team blogs to help inform your thinking. Also, these aren't formally graded even though they're submitted in the Assignment 1.4 dropbox. This means you won't see any grade for this part. The sole purpose is to help get your paper structure and concept in place before doing the full-on research and writeup. I'll give feedback on each of them - suggestions or questions that you may take into account if you wish. A good way to do the outline is to put in your main heading and then either a brief paragraph under each one, or some bullet points. If you already have some literature singled out you can add that at the end. This does not have to be APA 7 - it's just a sketch. Your final paper is where I'll be reviewing all the APA work so that's where to put the attention.