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Assignment 1 Grades Released

by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello Everyone, 

I have completed grading and released your grades and feedback. Thank you all for an effective round of Assignment 1 work for this course. Overall the submissions for Assignment 1 were insightful, well researched, and provided great input from prospective users for your proposed designs. I would be happy to meet with any of you individually to talk about your projects or grades for Assignment 1. I look forward to seeing how your next Team Assignment plays out. If there are any elements I can clarify I would be happy to help. 

Related to Assignment 2, I have an example (if it's useful) of what short learning designs might look like. These are pulled from a course I developed with a great group of peers in 2018. The Google folder linked below contains 14 individual modules of learning (1 per day). Each module should have 1 or 2 learning outcomes (learning intentions), some content, guidance for the learners on what to do and when to do it, and an activity. We did not have AI to help us in 2018, but these might be a helpful start for what a small-scale learning design looks like.

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