by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello everyone, realizing that it has been a busy semester and that some of you have not been as available in the first part of the course, please take advantage of the remaining contributions options to complete your 15% Contributions grade. If you have already done at least 3 activities, you're good! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Complete 3 of the 6 activities below for full marks (5 points per activity) - Items in bold are still acceptable if completed prior to the end of the course

Unit 1

Activity 1 Design Notes discussion (forum)

Activity 3 Mini-manifesto and Empathy Map (blog post and peer feedback)

Unit 2 

Activity 1 and 2 - Learning Theory map and Ed Tech evaluation tool (forum post)

Activity 4 - Participation in the OER conversation (Collaborate session)

Activity 5 - Blog post or discussion forum - seek feedback on your prototype and provide feedback to peers

Unit 3

Activity 1 - Value of reflection (blog post)