by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello Everyone,

Given the holiday, this evening's meeting caught me a little by surprise. I did find out that Clint Lalonde, your next professor was unable to join us, but you can start to explore the next course by checking out the LRNT528 WordPress site (if you haven't already). I would very much like to check in with you all, see if you have questions as we wrap up and see how your Assignment 4 is coming along (or how things have been for you if you are nearly done). I would like to explore the idea of closure and what might be important about designing the end portion of a learning experience well. Certainly, learners that have engaged in formal and structured learning should have an opportunity to give feedback (and I hope that the Royal Roads course survey provides you with that opportunity), but what about humanity? Shouldn't we have an opportunity to reflect on the experience we shared together? The achievement of learning outcomes, from a credentialing point of view is important, but what else happened on this 9-week journey for you? For me? I look forward to talking with you. I'll turn on the Zoom at 9pm PDT.