by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello Everyone, 

I am very much enjoying reading your blog posts as you wrap up this course and complete your final assignment. I look forward to evaluating your Assignment 4 creations and seeing how far you were able to take the confluence of theory into practice in terms of creating digital resources that serve your interests and possibly your organizations' and learners' needs simultaneously. I will be grading the balance of this week and reviewing your forum posts and assignment details. Please let me know if you have any questions about your grades and feedback, I'm always open to conversations about this aspect of my partnership with you. All the best in the next course as well. I'm happy to connect with you in places like Twitter and LinkedIn and to provide an academic reference related to your work in this course. I hope you enjoy some summer before it disappears and we're back into the fall fray. It has been a pleasure learning with you.