by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello Everyone, 

I have been asked to revisit my feedback and reconsider final grades that were almost exclusively A+ across the board. While it is difficult to see, as you are only shown letter grades, there is variety in what constitutes an A versus and A+ in terms of points. I have reduced in a way that was as equitable as possible based on my feedback and everyone's efforts in the course. This is not unusual in a university environment. I apologize for any stress this may cause, I should not have been as generous with grades and left more room for feedback and improvement. A+ is meant to be reserved for perfection, which is difficult to attain in a working and learning environment. This is only my second time teaching through this course and I have learned some things about my rubrics based on this experience. I'm certain you all engaged in both learning and collaboration with excellence, which is definitely reflected in your grades. Thank you for your understanding. I am happy to connect with you individually to discuss your final grade.