by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello Everyone! You will see your marks for the rubrics and team portion of Assignment 2 now in the gradebook. Great work from everyone, each team had a different and important strategy for the creation of the rubric. Some were more complex, some were ungraded. Please consult with your team and confirm that you are comfortable sharing your rubric with everyone. You can post in the Unit 2 forum "Share your Rubric" if you agree. 

I'll post the rubric for Assignment 3 in the Assignment details. I encourage you to read all the rubrics for some great ideas that you might add to your prototype and final design for the course. I did not want to significantly alter expectations for the draft and final DLR you have already invested significant time and effort to ideate, but I felt that Team 4 really nailed all the elements of excellence in instructional design. The more you can incorporate, the better!