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Week 5! Long Recording of an ID Project

by Jenni Hayman.  

Hello Everyone, what the heck, how are we in Week 5 already! I hope you are feeling confident in your team project and your independent project thinking and building. 

I wanted to share a recording with you where I'm introducing a digital resource design project I'm working on and how my team and I are organizing, building, and use ChatGPT to create online asynchronous courses. This is absolutely not required viewing, but if you're interested, by all means check it out. If the project background is not interesting to you, you can skip the first 5 minutes or so and just look at some of the processes I describe. The total running time is 24 minutes.

I've added it to our General Discussion Forum

This resource is just for your personal learning, please do not share the video with others outside our course.


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