Assignment 4 | Learning experience assessment (Individual)

As part of this course, you design and facilitate one learning experience, and participate in three learning experiences designed and facilitated by others.

Individually, you will submit three assessments (one for each of the learning experiences you participated in as a learner). Each submission will be evaluated on a binary basis with satisfactory submissions receiving full marks, and unsatisfactory submissions receiving 0 marks. You will provide constructive and actionable feedback to the teams using the evaluation form below.

The evaluation will be submitted via a Google Form which I will forward to the facilitation teams each Friday.

Why this assessment?

There is a good chance you are in the MALAT program because you have some experience in teaching and training, be it in higher education, the k-12 sector, military, corporate, or non-profit sectors. As such, this assignment is designed to draw upon any previous experience you may have in assessing within a teaching & learning context. It is also a valuable way to help you connect with the theoretical material around facilitation from the perspective of a learner while providing meaningful feedback to your peers.

For those being evaluated, this is an opportunity for you to hear directly from the learners about your facilitation week. In all aspects of the learning experience, creating opportunities for our learner to have a voice and speak to use directly about their experiences provides a pathway to gain a greater understanding about the teaching & learning process and how it directly impacts our learners.

For some tips on giving good feedback, check out the resource Giving Good Feedback from the RRU Centre of Teaching and Technology.

Due: The peer assessment is due on the Tuesday after the facilitation week

Value: 10%

Submit: To submit, please complete this Google form. You will use this same form to asses all the weeks you are a learner in. The form should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Questions you will find on the Google Form

Before you begin filling out the form, here are the questions you will find on the form to give you an opportunity to think about them prior to filling out the form.

  1. Your Name
  2. What facilitation week are you assessing?
  3. What did you like best about the week and why?
  4. What could have been improved this week and why?
  5. What did you see in the week that clearly demonstrated to you at least one of the three presence (Social, Teaching, Cognitive) from the CoI framework?
  6. I was confused at least once this week (y/n) (if yes – where)
  7. I found the activity(ies) engaging (Likert scale)
    • Why did you answer the way you did?
  8. I found the activities helped me understand the topic better (Likert scale)
    • Why did you answer the way you did?
  9. The choice of technology was appropriate for the activities (Likert) (If no, why)
    • Why did you answer the way you did?
  10. I found the level of effort in this class was (multiple choice):  Too little/Just right/Too much/Overwhelming
    • Why did you answer the way you did?
  11. Any other comments for the facilitation team?