Course Overview

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The Flow of the Course

Every Sunday during Unit 1 (the first 4 weeks of the course) I will post a weekly orientation video and blog post with an overview of the week to kick off the week. The video and blog post will be posted in two locations; the Moodle News Bulletin forum and on the WordPress site under Instructor Posts. I will also post a link to the weekly orientation video & blog post in the Mattermost general chat channel.

Assignments and activities are usually due Sundays. The exception is the team feedback and learner feedback assignments which are due on Tuesdays.

For graded assignments, I aim to have feedback and grades back to you within 5 days.

Speaking of grading, the design of this course means that most of the graded activities happen towards the end of the course. For many weeks, the only grade you will see will be for Assignment 1 so it may feel like you are operating in a bit of a vacuum with many of your grades coming in towards the end of the course. I do try to keep tabs on where people are, especially with regards to the participation grade and may occasionally prompt you if I see your participation waning.

Once Unit 2 begins, you can expect my presence to greatly diminish in the course. I am very active in Unit 1, but pull back my presence in Unit 2 during the student-led facilitation weeks. It might feel like I have disappeared during the student facilitation weeks, but rest assured I am around.

My reduced presence in Unit 2 is intentional as the people who should have the most presence during those weeks are the facilitation teams and not me. I will still be responsive to emails and messages, and do reserve the right to pop in occasionally because, well, I enjoy participating. But generally, expect my visible presence in the course to be very light during the student-led facilitation weeks. For those of you who are facilitating, I will be in touch with you and your group, but it will be done via private emails.

More about my presence

In order to manage expectations, it’s important for an online instructor to set expectations with their learners around availability and presence. Here are some general guidelines around what you can expect from me during the course.

  1. I do work a full-time job with BCcampus and, while I do have a great deal of flexibility in my job, I can often be unavailable Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm PST. If you send me a message during that time, I may be delayed in responding.
  2. The best way to contact me is a direct message (DM) in Mattermost or via email. I usually respond to DM’s & emails within an hour, but it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for me to respond depending on my other work commitments.
  3. I usually spend 30 minutes each evening checking and responding to email, catching up on Mattermost discussions, reviewing assignments and activities, and generally having a presence online.
  4.  I don’t have a regularly scheduled drop-in session, but I am very happy to talk with you one on one or in small groups. Please DM or email me ahead of time to set a time that works for both of us. Saturday or Sunday mornings or Tuesday & Thursday evenings are generally the best times for me to meet.
  5. I am active on Twitter (edtechfactotum) and you can DM me there if you use it. I will respond as soon as possible within the time constraints listed above. I will be occasionally using the #RRUMALAT hashtag to draw your attention to interesting things I find/read/watch related to our course material. Consider this optional material. It is nothing core to the course. Engage with it only if you find it interesting.