by Clint Lalonde.

Link to final week video on YouTube (if not embedded above)


You have made it! Congratulations on a fantastic 4 weeks of facilitation and learning. I am going to keep this final video short and talk about this final week.

For this final week, I have kept the activity light because I want to give you time to work on your final paper, which I will talk about in just a minute. But there is one activity that I would like you to complete, and that is to revisit your original 3-2-1 blog post from the beginning of the course and rewrite that post again using the 3-2-1 format. Have your views changed? Have the questions that you asked been answered? How? Do you have new questions? Is your metaphor different now that you have gone through the experience on the other side? You could use this blog post as a practice to bridge into your final essay if you like - a way to get your brain pumped for your final paper.

For the rest of the week, please work on your final paper.

The format of your final paper is a personal or a reflective paper, which is a specific type of writing. If you have not written a reflective paper before, or are unfamiliar with the format, there are resources on the RRU Writing Centre website that should help. I will share the link in the Mattermost channel and in the transcript for this video (

While a personal or reflective paper is less formal than, say an argumentative essay, it still does require proper academic citation. The tone of the paper is more personal, but you will still need to provide citations and references to help back up your paper.

What I am looking for in this paper is a recap of your own learning journey in this course specifically about facilitating in digital learning environments. Feel free to include some of the specific learning about the topics that were covered in the learner-led facilitation weeks as the topics that were covered - implicit bias, AI, digital literacy and conflict - are all connected to facilitation. But I would like you to focus primarily on your own week using the prompt questions in the assignment to guide you. I will also share in Mattermost a reflective writing model that may help you structure your paper.

I have asked that you include your learner’s voice in the paper as well. Insights that you pulled from your learner’s comments. I do not need a full list of all the comments that you received from your learners, but instead, try to weave a few of the more resonate comments into your paper. Your paper shouldn’t be all your learner’s voice, but I do want to see a few comments that acknowledge that you heard your learner’s voice in your paper.

The paper should be between 2000 and 2250 words, APA formatted, and deposited into the Moodle dropbox by Sunday, October 24th except for the final team who have an extension until Wednesday, October 27. If you have any questions about the final paper, post them in the Mattermost Town Hall channel or send me a direct message or email and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

In terms of your final grades, your participation grades will be posted at the end of this week, and I aim to have your final papers graded and returned, along with your final grade for the course, by Sunday, October 31st. I will be staggering the return of the papers as I complete them instead of releasing all at the same time, so some of you will receive your final graded papers and final marks sooner than others.

Thank you everyone for your exceptional work these past 4 weeks. There have been some great learning experiences and I hope that in the weeks you were in the learner role you were able to take away as much as I was able to in being an observer behind the scenes. Thank you and happy reflecting.