by Clint Lalonde.  

Well, we are wrapping up Unit 1 and about to begin Unit 2 - your facilitation weeks. Just before I hand the reigns over to you, I want to talk a bit about these next few weeks. 

I want to start with the facilitation teams.

  1. Your week runs for 7 days. It begins on Sunday and runs until the following Saturday. This gives each team the opportunity to have a weekend day at the beginning of their lesson and a day at the end of their lesson. So, you should be sending your instructions out sometime on Sunday, and doing any wrap-up the following Saturday. Please make sure that all activities are completed on Saturday so that we don’t have weeks that overlap each other. 

  2. As facilitators, you have a deliverable following your week, and that is the team peer assessment assignment 3. In the assignment 3 description on the WordPress site, there is a peer assessment form that you should download and use. It has 7 criteria for you to use to assess your teammate’s participation. These will not be shared with your teammates. Only I will see these forms, and I use these to help get a glimpse into what happened within your facilitation team. At the end of your facilitation week, fill out the form and submit it to the Moodle dropbox for assignment 3 by the Tuesday of the week following your facilitation week. 

  3. Facilitation teams, please make sure that I have access to whatever learning platforms you are using, and that I am included in any communication that you have with your learners during the week as all those interactions will be part of my assessment of your facilitation. As you may discover, effective facilitation is sometimes one-to-one email or communication with learners, so please include me in those types of communications.

  4. Pay attention to participation. It doesn’t have to be detailed or prescriptive - no need to take attendance. But try to gauge who have been strong contributors to the learning community and who may have been missing and please let me know if someone does disappear during your week.

  5. Your learners will be providing you feedback in the form of the Learner Feedback Google form. This is for learners to complete. Once all the learner feedback has been gathered, I will send your facilitation team an anonymized report of your learner’s feedback. You can expect this report from me by Wednesday following your facilitation week. Learner perspectives and feedback from this report should be incorporated into your final papers. You don’t have to do a detailed table in your final paper, but a few of the comments that you receive from your learners should find their way into your final paper.

 Ok, for the weeks you are the learner 

  1. Participate fully. The success of these weeks does require your active participation, so please make sure you fully engage with the weeks.

  2. Try to attend the synchronous sessions. I am not making these mandatory, but do strongly encourage you to attend to both participate and to observe the different ways in which synchronous sessions can be facilitated. I will be posting the dates of the synchronous sessions in Mattermost.

  3. Analyze what you are seeing and complete the learner feedback form each week you are a learner. This is your opportunity to provide feedback to the facilitation teams. Fill out the Google Form each week following the facilitation week. I will anonymize the results and send to the facilitation teams. 

Ok, as I have mentioned before, I will be fading from the scene for the facilitation weeks and less visible as I want the facilitation teams to have the opportunity to establish their presence. I will still be around and observing and may pop in from time to time and of course, you can always DM me on Mattermsot or email me with questions or comments. But for the most part, the next 4 weeks are all you.

If you have questions about the specific topic week and what your facilitators have in store for you, please contact your facilitators directly in the manner they suggest to you. 

Thanks. I hope you enjoy the next 4 weeks as both facilitator and learner.