Here is a rundown of the main tools & technologies used in this course.

This course WordPress site

  • Credentials required: none. It’s fully open
  • Used for: This is the main hub of course content. Here you will find the following information.
    • The course schedule
    • Assignments
    • Course readings (which you can also access from the main Moodle course)
    • Grading rubrics
    • Links to, and blog posts from, all your blogs
    • My course update posts & weekly video updates

Your WordPress site

  • Credentials used: your RRU username and password
  • Used for: Your own blogging and reflections. There are a number of course activities and assignments that you will post on your own blog. I subscribe to all blog and comment feeds. While it is not prescribed in this course, I would encourage you to leave comments for your fellow classmates on the content they are posting.

Moodle (Main)

  • Link to Moodle (Main) server
  • Credentials used to access: Your RRU username and password.
  • Used for:
    • Submitting assignments
    • Accessing your gradebook
    • Accessing course readings
    • Access synchronous rooms
    • Course Discussions including posting your week 1 video on facilitation. You will post the video using Kaltura in the Class Discussion forum in Moodle.

Moodle (Innovate)

  • Link to Moodle (Innovate) server
  • Credentials used: Your RRU username and password
  • Moodle (Innovate) is set up with an empty course shell for your team to use if you wish to create your facilitation week activities within Moodle. You do not have to use Moodle for your facilitation week. You can choose to use another platform as the main hub of your course.


  • Link to Zoom rooms are available in the Moodle (Main) course
  • Credentials used: None required if you access through the Moodle (Main)
  • Used for: Synchronous sessions. You can also use Zoom with your facilitation teams to organize your facilitation weeks, or within your facilitation weeks to do your synchronous session.

A service or tool of your choice to create an infographic

  • Free platforms for creating infographics include Canva or Venngage.
  • Credentials used: you will need to create an account on one of these platforms if you choose to use them to create your infographic.
  • Used for: Assignment 1 is asking you to create an infographic. The infographic can be designed in whatever technical platform you wish.

Those are the main technology tools we will be using in this course. There may be others, like Google Docs or polling tools to coordinate schedules. But this list covers the main technologies you will use.