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Please note that you are responsible for knowing University and Program policies and guidelines that govern your work in this course.

RRU Academic Regulations including course withdrawals, academic probation, and formal grade appeals.

RRU Grading Policy

RRU Student Rights & Responsibilities

RRU Copyright Policy

SET Program Guidelines

SET Grading Criteria

Late work: The submission of academic work on time is a reflection of professional communication skills. All work is due on its specified date. Late work is subject to a 10% point deduction for each 24-hour window that the work is late.

Informal extensions for 24-48 hours for course work will be granted only if the learner notifies the instructor in advance of a deadline and the instructor agrees on a different due date.

If the learner is unable to submit assignments on time due to unanticipated emergency situations, official documentation (doctor’s notes, police reports, etc.) may be required by the instructor and/or the School of Education and Technology. Informal extensions cannot be granted if they delay course completion date. In such instances, a formal course extension must be pursued.